The House of Ioakeimidis Oriental Handmade Carpets has been a pleasant surprise to the market and people of the big cities in Greece by taking part in well-organized exhibitions and exhibiting its collection to the lovers of handmade carpets who find it difficult to come to Komotini . More and more friends and customers pleased by the service and the quality of the carpets, bring their friends along who also become customers.

The House, in its attempt preserve tradition, organizes school visits to the workshop. In this way, young students get accustomed to the construction of handmade carpets while at the same time they learn how to evaluate carpets and other handmade works of art. Our efforts do not stop here. Electronic commerce is a fact and the collection is available to anyone who is interested. Exhibitions exist on for demanding customers. The collection is taken across Greece and people can touch handmade carpets and become familiar with the mystery of the East. (Photo)