The following article is dedicated to the weavers who used to weave the carpets masterpieces of the family for centuries, the carpets which made Ioakeimidis family well known.



In Komotini , in particular, Mrs Christianabla Efraimidou (abla means aunt) born in 1870 , with her neighbour, the mother of Mrs Marika Ioanoglou in Proxenou Askitou street, gave life to the patterns of Susanna Ioakeimidou weaving for the family for decades .


Mrs. Aggelabla Papoutzi and Mrs Soultana .Mrs Kyriaki (Gire) Serafimidou together with her daughters Stratoula and Heleni (Varouma) used to weave large carpets (2,5x3, 5) and patterns like ĹBalouklouĺ (fishbone) and geometric patterns with natural colours from non-dyed wool (grey, black, brown, beige, white). In this particular pattern, they used only the colour camelot.

Mr Otzakoglouĺs aunt, Atinabla (Athena) used to weave for the family in the area of the railway station in Komotini.
Barbarabla, mother of Stefanos Papoutsis and the well-known weaver Sophia Papoutsi ľPaschalidou.
Despoina Theothorou whose house was opposite that of Kyriaki (Gire) Efraimidou . Mrs Sergenlidis spun the warp and the weft with cotton given to her by Ioakeim on his behalf.


Mrs Despoina Odampasi together with her daughters Barbara (Pateropoulou) used to weave many carpets on behalf of Susanna and Ioakeim.
Olympia Pateropoulou mother of Aristidis, first-class weaver, helped Susanna in weaving the carpet of Ghenovefa, the heroine of the German-Austrian fairy tale.
Mrs. Konstantina Arvanitidou, daughter of Vasilis, with the nickname American (because her husband had been to America) spun the warp and the weft in her workshop in Konstantinopolis Street .
In Maronia 3-4 women used to work for the family till 1975 .



ă The weaver Heleni Christou from Ammotopos , P.Artis , gave a fresh impetus to our workshop (2001-2002) and made the art of carpet making known to the little children of the Primary school of Rodope who came to our workshop and tied up their own knots on our loom .
(the search for more carpet makers still goes on) .



In Xanthi , 25 people worked on 14 looms on behalf of the family in order to meet the needs of the people of Xanthi . In some cases, there was more than one weaver working on the loom, sometimes there were two or even three for the large carpets.
Korai and Themistokleous streets in Xanthi were renowned for their carpet factories. Mrs Evaggelia Perdikopoulou was one of the most skillful weavers in Xanthi .


(The search in the prefecture of Xanthi still continues)



The National Welfare Centre had many schools in Evros. After the end of the school year the students would take a loom as a gift, together with some wool and a weft for a carpet, scissors and combs. Its purpose was to continue this tradition of carpet making. The family used to send wool, weft and their own patterns to these women in Lavara, Peplo, Metaxades, and Tychero to weave their carpets.

Mrs Arampatzi was one of the weavers . Another one was Mrs Demetra Tsilia who now remembers the four looms, one on which she used to weave herself.





( (the search still goes on...)