When buying a new carpet, make sure that it suits your place.

Α. Type
Β. Pattern
C. Colour
D. Size

There are numerous types of Oriental carpets for all tastes and decorations. You need time and care when choosing one.

How to avoid traps:


Visit 2-3 renowned shops that are experts in Oriental carpets.

Β. Avoid
i) unknown dealers or street vendors
  ii) auctions
  iii) shops that sell other products and some handmade carpets.

Examine the carpet carefully in daylight. Keep in mind that in handmade carpets there are some unimportant imperfections. This is not considered faulty.


The life of a carpet depends on many factors :

a) Its quality
b) its position
c) the use and preservation
d) the way it was produced.

All those factors affect its wear. Keep in mind that the thickness of the knots identifies its wear and the patterns of the carpet.
The Greek carpets that we used to weave in Alexandroupolis, Xanthi and even today in Komotini are not as thickly woven as the Oriental carpets or the imported ones.